Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Battle

The seasonal shift is upon us.  But Winter never goes down without a fight.  Winter is strong and powerful.  A bully of sorts.  Winter is always throwing his weight around.  He forces Fall out of the way early and endlessly wrestles with Spring giving everything he has to steal time from this next quarter.  To show Mother Nature who's boss.  Boasting to all of us that he will continue to reign as the longest season.

The skies have been the greyest of grey. The girls were witnesses to this ongoing battle between the March lion and lamb as the heavy sound of thunder rumbled from the sky declaring that spring showers will prevail.  The girls were nervous as they felt the rumbling in their chests...cautiously looking up to the sky wondering what they were in for as they played in the backyard.

Since we continue to be in the middle of this struggle between Winter and Spring, I took the girls to Walmart to pick out their rubber boots as our way of supporting the Spring underdog in the fight.  Callie tried on almost every style they had in size 11.  She narrowed it down to two contenders...Princesses or Lightening McQueen.  And the winner...

And Lexi, she settled on the first pair that she tried on that fit.  But I will confess, I did not draw her attention to the Dora ones on the top shelf.  She became quite paniced as she sunk into the deep snow with her new boots while trying to escape the sound of the rolling thunder.  I love being the one to rescue her and soothe her worries. Not because I have any special skills or training but simply because I am her mom. 

The rain came.  Spring had a small victory before winter wrestled her back down and that rain turned to hail.  And eventually snow.  This battle isn't over yet.  Happy Spring.

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