Thursday, March 29, 2012

Over Halfway

Our week of spring break is now past the halfway point.  Seven at home days with a mile long to-do list that will likely never get done because we want to have some fun.  After Disney, we are back to making the most out of the small pleasures of home.  The week began by clearing out the living room and tacking a white sheet to the wall in an attempt to make a movie night with friends just a little more exciting.

We were thrown a bit of a curve ball after movie night as Lexi developed a cough that could not be ignored.  She actually earned herself a nights stay at the hospital with her mom close by her side.  Lying there with your baby in isolation gives a girl a lot of time to reflect.  Lexi had a nasty chest infection that put her into fits of coughing that consumed her entire little two-year old body.  I would hold her and rub her back saying, "I got ya, babe.  It's going to be okay."  All the time thinking, as parents do, that if I could take this from you I would. In some way offering ourselves as sacrifice like we do from the moment of conception.

 Saying the words, "it will be okay," with confidence because I knew it would be.  This infection was not life threatening but as I held my fragile baby in my arms I let mind imagine what it must be like for the moms and dads who can't whisper those words quite so confidently.

We made it through our hospital stay and now have a small pharmacy on our kitchen counter which has been very helpful at getting Lexi to rejoin some of our spring break fun.  And so you know, Lexi is an expert patient.  She takes her medicine without complaint and sits tall for the doctor as she listens to her chest for the millionth time. 

Sister's been experimenting with new looks this week.  We never now what's next. 
And now that little sister is on the mend we can get back to our original spring break plans. 

Making the most of the small things at home.

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Kathy Galbraith said...

I am so glad Lexi is mending so she can have some spring break fun! Poor little duffer. I can't believe the pink jersey still fits Callie!!