Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Things

Last week we had our final skate to bid farewell to winter.  The outdoor rinks have melted.  The lakes are slushy.  And the local arena is removing the ice surface.  Goodbye first year of official skating lessons.  

Hello spring projects. 

1. Flowers
Spring needs a lot of encouragement in our part of the world.  So we continued to rally in it's corner by planting some seeds.  I love how the box shows these big, beautiful flowers growing in these teeny tiny pots. Our only hope is that they will survive until spring shows up for real.

2. Puddle Jumping
The girls have been giving their rubber boots a work out in the back yard. Our guests are greeted by a small lake at the back door.  Without boots, you need a ferry to get across.

3. Crafting
I had never thought of dough art for spring... until Pinterest of course!  And long after the girls have ditched their projects you'll find me still there, painting away, putting on finishing touches, modge podging until the sun sinks behind the horizon.

Now it's starting to look a little more spring-y around here.

4. Eggs
Dying eggs with friends is fun.  And it's the same amount of effort to make Easter eggs with one child as it is for four kids so it was great to have our friends share in the fun. And, like crafting, after the kids had moved on to other things Christine and I added our own touches to the rainbow of eggs left on the table.  

Lexi got to participate this year. She is such a big girl these days.  And feeling much better too.  She passed her last doctor's test...goodbye nasty, mean bronchitis.

Hello Easter Long Weekend. 
We are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with family... and chocolate.

What are your favorite spring things?

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Christine said...

Beautiful bug!!!!! My kiddos were sad that they forgot the bug eggs at your house! My eggs came home and Joel ate about half of them:) Hard boiled eggs are a fave in our house! So what's a little dye on the shells?!?! Thanks for the good time. As always your pictures are lovely... love the dough art....Mother's Day maybe!