Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter "Blister"

Our quiet weekend at home started off very quiet.  We woke up Saturday morning to flashing clock lights and a heavy blanket of wet snow.  The power went off because of the spring snow storm that happened while we were sleeping.  Having no electricity brings new meaning to the word quiet.  Without the humming of appliances or the TV buzzing in the background, we could literally hear each other breathe. The only modern day convenience we had was Jon's cell phone, not mine because if you know me, the truck is always moments away from a low fuel light... and my cell phone is always just a fraction of a bar away from shutting down.  I'm a hot mess in an emergency situation.

I called my mom and dad to tell them to hold off on coming over for our Easter brunch that we had planned.  A short time later the power came back on... but it was just a teaser.  It lasted just long enough to begin cooking breakfast.  So after another hour of listening to each other breathe, we packed up the girls, the French Toast and the partially cooked sausages and moved our brunch to mom and dad's where the heat was on and the coffee was warm.  Callie says, "mom, it's a blister out here!"

The only sign of spring around here this weekend was my mom's flowers.  A snowstorm is April really isn't that unusual.  Winter and Spring generally continue their battle until the end of May.  No April showers bringing May flowers for us.  If nothing else, we like to obsess about the weather.  Because every year we play little mind games between ourselves and Mother Nature.  Secretly hoping that this will be the year Spring shows up, for real, on March twentieth.  I dream about outdoor egg hunts and picnic blankets on the grass and girls in party dresses with white patent shoes.

We headed back out after brunch, braving the treacherous roads and the sloppy wet snow.  We felt like bears who poked their heads out of their winter dens, looked around and said, "nope it's not spring yet" and returned to hibernation.  When we got home, the girls got their jammies on even though it was early afternoon.  We just settled in for an afternoon matinee and whoop... silence. 

The power was off most of the day which allowed for true quiet time. Games of Chutes and Ladders, puzzles and books for the girls and one good closet clean out for mom. 

The Bunny came.  And this year he had eggs hidden everywhere.  I guess he heard Callie's question earlier in the week when she asked me why the Easter Bunny only came to the living room.  It was time for E.B. to up the ante and put a little challenge into this egg hunting business.  There are still some eggs the girls haven't found.  I'm anticipating the excitement weeks from now when they stumble upon them.

Chocolate for breakfast. 

An unsuccessful attempt at some snow art. 

Power off.  Power on.  Power off.  Power on. 
It was a perfect, quiet, blistery weekend at home. 

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