Friday, April 20, 2012


I am feeling out of sorts this week.  I started the week with a trip to the city for a conference for work.  This adventure at the beginning of the week has my routines confused and my internal compass spinning in circles.    I am careful when choosing my time spent away from my family, weighing pros against the cons, costs versus rewards and this time work won, pulling me away from my girls for three nights.

I went to the city to learn and grow and development myself for my work.  But in all honesty, my work is not very far removed from my life as Callie and Lexi's mom.  And if one has ever thought that I took my responsibility as mother bear seriously before, all I can say is that after listening to the theory and principles of Gordon Neufeld, this mother bear is even more committed to protecting and nurturing her cubs.

It is pretty typical when you're in the presence of inspiring people to come back to work and home with your guns a blazin'.  Ready to make changes.  Ready to incorporate your new knowledge into your prior thinking.  Meshing them together to form your own unique style and approach.  You may recall the last conference I attended introduced Baroque music into our life.  

This weekend I will be reorienting myself.  Slipping back into routine.  Catching up with my girls.  Getting back to the tasks at hand... like continuing to encourage spring to make a real appearance.

Happy Weekend.

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