Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Quicky

Jon brought the girls fabulous shirts home from his long trip.  Both the same because the last time he brought home two different things...well, it just didn't work out.  Little sister rocked her flashy Vegas shirt the first day, running her fingers over the texture of the rhinestones.  All shirts from Vegas have rhinestones right?  And big sister...she takes time to warm up to all things new, including new clothes.  She may wear it when all  her worn and worked in favorites are in the wash.  

The circus was in town this week.  And we hummed and haa'd whether we would take the girls or not.  The main deterrent was that the evening show was late and would likely result in a all but unpleasant next morning.  And even as I type that meagre argument it sounds like a very weak defence. Even an inexperienced five year old prosecution lawyer could see the many holes in it.

So we compromised and left at the intermission.  And was it worth it?

It's always worth it.

This was Lexi's first time seeing a clown.  And for some reason she called them mice.  She kept asking me, "where'd the mouse go, mom?"  I wonder if they reminded her of Mickey and Minnie.  We indulged in the full meal deal of cotton candy, popcorn and ridiculously over priced light-up batons while we watched a pretty spectacular performance of acrobats, trapeze artists, horseback trick riders and bike stunt riders.  We passed on the pony rides and getting our picture with a snake though.  

Callie was thrilled that we found our friends in the crowd and got to sit with them for the show.  And Lexi is still talking about how the circus kids jumped off the swing into the big net and how the bike jumped over top the clown sitting on the chair.  Making memories versus getting to bed on time.  The judge ruled in favor of the prosecution.  Case closed.

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