Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Weekend Wrap-up

The RV storage lot just down the road from our house has been cleared out.  May long is the official start of camping season and on Friday the campers and boats formed a steady stream down the highway despite the freezing temperatures and cold winds.  I, myself have been known to have graced a camp-ground on May long weekend, in the very distant past, armed with parkas, toques and insulated gloves to protect my fingers from icy cold beverages. 

    That's my girl in the balaclava!  It was the only toque that felt right.

This year, I wore my parka, toque and mitts to the soccer field and Christine and I shivered next to each other on the bleachers to cheer on our girls.  We briefly reminisced about those May longs of the past...sleeping in tents with extension cords connected portable heaters and trips back home to get more blankets, all in the name of good times.  And in the next breathe we both say, nearly simultaneously,  "I don't miss that at all!"  Nearly two decades later, my friend and I are still rockin' May long in our winter gear only now instead of party pictures I have pictures of smiling girls in soccer jerseys that hang to their knees.

    I wonder if these two will graduate from cold May longs on the soccer field to May longs at the camp-ground?

We did manage to have our first morning coffee on the deck.  The air was cool but the sun felt nice and warm on the face.  A slight foreshadow to the things to come as summer to-do lists are already being written and anticipated.

The buds are ready to burst...

...and our house guest only got away on us once.

We dug out some sidewalk chalk... and we made a rule that we can't take the sled out anymore.

And we pretended we were at the beach...ahh, yes, dreaming of things to come.

Long weekends make the life scale feel more balanced.  Time for the work of home and yet still some time left for lunch and swimming with friends, trips to the park, and exploring some buses...

Now for a four day week and a little shout out to summer....
"We're ready and waiting!"

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Christine said...

Awesome soccer pics! Hopefully next Friday will be sunny and warm without the wind and we can actually cheer on the girls instead of shiver and wonder how much longer. And yes summer, we are waiting!