Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Joy

Can someone please tell me what happened to November?  Because I swear we were just trick-or-treating last week.  But I know that November happened because I've been witness to a lot of freaky moustaches this month.

Our November evenings looked a lot like this when we got home from our day...

Basically it's me getting home from work with the girls in tow, lugging backpacks and book bags and miscellaneous hats and mitts that the girls peeled off, and next comes the thought...what am I going to make for supper?  One can never go wrong with spaghetti.  Funny story, when we walk in the door and drop all our stuff on the floor we always shout, "anybody home?"  even though we know that no one in there.

I love when Callie and Lexi keep me company in the kitchen while I'm cooking supper.  On this day it was books and iPad.  Some days it's puzzles and coloring and other days the girls ditch me for TV... all depends on the kind of day everyone has had.  

Last Wednesday morning on the drive to school, the moon was absolutely gorgeous.  It was the most ginormous moon I'd ever seen and it appeared like it was so close to the earth that you could reach up an touch it.  I said to Callie, "Look at that moon! I wish I had my camera."  When I got to work the coffee talk was basically "what was up with the moon this morning?"  But there were no astronomers in the crowd so no one was quite sure why the moon was so unique.  

On Thursday morning I brought my camera thinking, "how much could the moon change in just one day?"  As it turns out... a lot.  It was back up high in the sky where it usually is.

I took a picture behind us to the east, just to say good morning to the rising sun.
With November behind us, it's time to bring on some Christmas cheer.  The carols were out in full force this weekend with the début of the Yuletide fireplace on the TV.  I asked Callie and Lexi if they had a favorite Christmas song.  Callie said, "I like number three on the CD best, mom."  Number three turns out to be Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  And Lexi, she says she likes Jingle Bells.  

To make up for not getting the advent calendar out yesterday, door number two had a treat and a map that took the girls on a little adventure around the house looking for their treasure.  

Their treasure was cozy new winter jammies and our first Christmas movie of the year.  Just so you know, neither girl would wear their new jammies because they didn't feel right.  I know this about them.  They take time to warm up to anything new. Hopefully after a few washes the jammies will pass their test and get on the list of approved clothing that feels right.

The movie part of the treasure turned out great.  Oh, Charlie Brown you make us smile.  I'm looking forward to more movie nights.  Some quiet evenings with carols and candlelight.  Visits with friends and family and good cheer.  Cookies and gingerbread.  Tinsel and lights.  Love and joy.    

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