Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fill It Up

In the morning when the girls wake up the first thing they ask..."is it an at home day?"
"Why yes it is my sweethearts, now come snuggle me!"  We haven't been getting out of bed until the sun is up and the day has already begun.  And it has been wonderful.  It feels so good to get up and pour a cup of  coffee and then sit back down.

While I drink my coffee, I get my face painted by my little artist.  There was a time not so long ago that Callie wasn't the least bit interested in getting her face painted.  She has finally warmed up to the idea and is now painting her entire body.  Yesterday we both looked like part of an ancient African tribe by the time she was done.

My girls like being at home.  Trying out all their new treasures.  We attempted some Easy Bake mircowave cakes the other night.  I bet you've never seen a skateboarding/superhero/race car driving/glam-girl shirt wearing Easy Baker before.  I love her diverse interests.    

We decided that Easy Baking isn't actually that easy.  Both girls jumped ship after the first attempt.  Guess who cleaned up the mess? 

After a few at home days my low fuel light has finally stopped blinking.  Considering all the things that happen in the month of December it is easy to get dangerously close to an empty tank.   Sometimes I just cross my fingers and pray that I will have enough fumes to get me through to the fill up days.  

And now with a little gas in our tanks we are ready to go again!  Ready to ring in the New New Year with a little road trip.  Time to go.

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