Monday, April 1, 2013


There is pink Easter grass stuck all over my lulu pants, all over the carpet and wrapped around the wheels of  the roller skates.  I vote Easter grass worse than Christmas tree needles on the official holiday mess scale.  I thought I had it contained only to look over my shoulder to see Callie pulling the long strings of plastic out of her basket and tossing it in the air... think of a flower girl tossing petals down the aisle.  Only instead of beautiful, scented rose petals it's psycho staticy, stick to everything, cheap, smelly, probably toxic, shreds of plastic.  Mental note: forget the Easter grass next year.

    Callie refuses to take off her multi play pass wristband from West Ed.

We had our friends over to dye the eggs again this year.  Its always more fun with company.  The kids hardly need our help anymore.  And some have longer attention spans and pay closer attention to details than others...

The bowl of bright colored eggs always makes me happy.  They are just waiting for the Easter Beagle to share them with everyone.  We love Charlie Brown.  

I always dream of having an outdoor Easter egg hunt.  This dream was nowhere near reality, especially since Easter landed in March this year.  When Callie was smaller we used to have the egg hunt in the afternoon after her nap instead of first thing in the morning.  I would dress her up in a little dress with matching shoes and follow her around taking pictures as she put the eggs in her basket.  I did my best to bring a "Hallmark movie" Easter egg hunt indoors for my precious baby girl.

Things have gotten pretty laid back over the years.  I don't buy Easter dresses for my girls anymore.  Now that they have minds of their own, pretty dresses and fancy shoes are low on their list of priorities Easter morning especially when there are caramels to be found hidden in plastic eggs.  Yep, I said caramels.  Callie's favorite.  She gave all the chocolate mini eggs (mom's favorite) to Lexi and kept all the caramels for herself.

Things were so laid back around here this year that I didn't even think to put cute bunny jammies on the girls.  Actually, they didn't even have any bunny jammies.  Lexi's has her holidays all mixed up. We couldn't get her in those Christmas jammies at Christmas and now we can't get her out of them!  

We pretended like it was springtime by wearing our new boots and bumpy sweaters outside to play.  Callie's green bumpy sweater literally came off her back and went straight to Lexi's.  There is hardly a need to pack Callie's too small clothes away anymore.  Now I just move them from her closet to sisters.

We didn't pretend that it was spring for very long.  The wind was biting through their sweaters and their toes were frozen in their boots.  I can't wait to see those fishy boots splash in some puddles!

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