Sunday, April 21, 2013

We're Ready

So I had mentioned to Jon on Friday that I was going to wash the snowsuits and jackets this weekend. Hoping we wouldn't need them anymore and they could be packed up and put out of sight.  We always get our hopes up so high this time of year, praying to whatever God you believe in, that spring will come early.  It's the only thing we can talk about.  We've had a little tease, with some of the snow melting, but spring is not officially here until you can smell it in the air.  You know the smell of green and earth and the rebirth of life from ground that's been frozen and dormant.  Ya, that smell.  I'm waiting with great anticipation for that day.  I will be sure to let you know when it arrives.

We always feel like spring should be here by now.  The thing with having a blog is you can easily look back to see if we are getting short-changed this year.  This time last year looked pretty much the same.  And the year before we were well into May before spring showed up.  So we can keep praying and blaming those people who already had their flip-flops and capris on  for jinxing our chance at an early spring but according to my little history book I have going on here...I'd say we are right on schedule.  Oh, and our mega-sized can of hot chocolate isn't empty yet so we can't rush into spring just yet!

Yesterday, the girls had the bikes out despite the cold north wind and grey skies warning us what was coming.  This morning Jon dug the bikes out of the snow and put them back in the garage until the next melt.  

So we will make some more art, play some more board games, watch some more movies, drink some more hot chocolate.  Basically, keep on keepin on until that spring fresh day shows up.  Snowsuits will wait another week to be washed.  Prayers will continue.  Complaints will be fierce.  

We will hope and wish and make spring plans.  And still, spring will show up without rhyme or reason.  But at least we will be ready.

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