Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Difference of a Day

What a difference a day can make.  One day it's a beautiful plus seven and we are trick or treating in little black party shoes and the next we are in full blown winter gear.  Yes, one day is all it takes.

We were ready for winter this year.  Callie had to pick a new snow suit since she's been growing like a weed lately.  If her jacket looks at all familiar that would be because it's her third one.  First it was purple, then it was green and purple, and now its pink.  What can I say, sister knows what she likes.  And what she likes is a jacket with no fur around the hood and no ribbing at the cuffs.  She did really want another toaster suit but they don't make them in her size.  Yep.  growing up.

Little sister inherited the original purple snow suit.  And someday I'll probably look back at these pictures and not remember which girl it is in that suit.  It does just feel like yesterday that Callie was wearing that purple North Face.  Yes, what a difference a day can make.  

And everyday Callie learns something new.  She is full of enthusiasm for school and learning and always has so many questions.  Her dad lovingly calls her George, as in Curious George.  And with November 11th coming up, our George has been learning about great-grandpas, why we wear poppies, war, freedom and peace.  

A soldier gave a speech at the Remembrance Day assembly at school on Friday.  Callie said, "I don't really know what he was talking about, mom.  I was just looking at the pictures on the screen."    Oh, how fortunate we are that our children don't have to truly know what war is first hand.  And yes, this soldier reminded me about how often we take our freedom for granted.  How we can go through our days not worrying about turning on light switches or starting our car.  Thanks to the many soldiers who allow for us to worry about finding the perfect snow suit that feels right and not whether our next step will be on a landmine. And if we truly want to know the difference a day can make we need only say, nine eleven.

The difference of one day for my mama means being another year older.  No one really complains about aging around here.  Its a reason to celebrate being alive, being healthy, and being together.  The girls picked a minion cake for their grandma. Happy Birthday to my mama.

A day can make a big difference.  Today we've been thinking of our good friends.  A day ago they were driving to the city and now they are recovering from a severe accident.  A day is all it takes sometimes to change our perspective and priorities.  To count our blessings and appreciate our freedoms.  Lest we forget.

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