Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat

Callie flip-flopped between two costumes this year.  Initially, Vexy from Smurfs 2 was in the lead but when it came down to crunch time, it was Bat Girl who won the right to go trick or treating.  Lexi asked to be a purple magic butterfly. Wings and a wand was all it took to make her happy.  I think she would have looked cute with some sparkly face paint but there just wasn't time.  Halloween is kinda one of those days that we just try to make it through.  Costumes are never comfortable, the school day is long and boisterous and sugar filled, and by the time we hit the streets expectations are low and we walk a careful tightrope.  One missed step and we could be in meltdown city.  

But in the end, the beautiful weather fueled our enthusiasm and helped us to power through the night.

We met up with our friends like we did last year and the year before.  When you use Halloween as your measuring stick for growth, you can't help but notice how everyone is growing up.  We were ditched by some of the older siblings to go treating with their friends blatantly waving their growth and independence in our faces.  My once shy Callie who would hide behind my legs at the doors of people we knew is now running up to doorsteps, budging her way in, calling out trick or treat and then racing down the steps in a hurry to get to the next house.  

Lexi has never had to be shy because she's always had her sister to lead the way.  Her legs ran and her wings flapped as fast as they could to keep up with the big kids.  No matter how many times we'd tell her to slow down, she just couldn't.  She thought this trick or treating thing was a race.

Of course, until she tripped and fell and skinned her hands.  Then she slowed down.  And then mom and dad were cool enough to hang out with again.  Jon carried her and I held onto her scraped up hand and we resumed trick or treating at a more appropriate pace.  

Every morning on our way to school we would drive by this spooky house.  Callie wished that we could live in that house. And  that's where the promise to buy the blow up cat came from.  Thanks to a great friend who was able to make it to the store promptly after Halloween, we are now the proud owners of a ten foot high blow up cat!

The girls can hardly wait till next year!  But for now, two bags full of treats sit on the floor.  One girl could take them or leave them.  The other girl would have a chocolate bar sandwich for breakfast.  Can you guess who's who?  We took down our Halloween decor today and packed it up with the blow up cat and Callie played her  favorite Christmas carol on her little boom box preparing up for things to come.
Keep looking forward and have a great week!

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