Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dreams and Reality

Our lovely fall days are slipping away from us.  So it's time to welcome back the inside, in the evening, with a flash photo opps...

In my dream house we would be playing this board game next to a crackling fireplace.  And since we're dreaming here, someone would be making supper while I played and, what the heck, they'd be serving me a glass of wine too.  Because a glass of wine definitely helps when you're playing French charades with a four and six year old!

We've got costumes in the house and we're basically ready to roll with this Halloween gig.  I will let you know that I haven't succumb to any Pinterest Anxiety yet.  Although I do enjoy dreaming and looking at the images of holiday decor, and I know that there are some super cool pumpkin carving ideas out there, and I'm positive there are some awesome cupcakes too.  But instead, I put Callie in charge of decorations...

And these are definitely one of a kind pumpkin stencils.  So you think I'd get any repins for these originals?

We did google what to do with the pumpkin seeds though.  This was our first time roasting them and they turned out pretty good.  We were going to count the seeds but then decided there was too many.  Yes, learning opportunity lost but Callie loved the part of the recipe that said massage the seeds with vegetable oil.  She thought it was very funny to massage pumpkin seeds.

The girls had fun designing and carving their pumpkins.  Lexi insisted on a circle shaped nose and her big sister helped her draw the mouth. I promised the girls that I would buy one of those huge blow up cats for the yard if there were any on sale after Halloween. This year our costumes came from a store and the cupcakes came from a box. I do a lot of dreaming on Pinterest but I basically have to live in reality.  Is it possible that reality is even better than the dream?  For most things, probably.  But not the fireplace.  The electric plug-in doesn't even come close to the dream!
Happy chocolate eating this week.

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