Monday, February 3, 2014


Yay! It's February! The Super Bowl cheerleaders are doing a happy dance for us right now.  January can be a tough month sometimes but things are all better now.  We flipped up the calendar and see that a seventh birthday party in the near future.  And after that, we have more happy, happy exiting things to shake our pom-poms at!  

But before any big parties or happy, happy exciting things, here's what's been going on around here...

...this years sliding hill hasn't seen as much action as it did last year.  The snow is too hard and the temperatures have been too cold.  The girls attempted to give it their best shot but quickly decided that they had better wait until their dad has some time to groom the trail.  

...our nightly routine of piano practice and home reading.  I can hardly believe how much her little brain can take in.  She is working on composing her own song and can't wait to play on her Nana's real piano.  On top of piano and reading Callie added a forward somersault with a front strattle to her growing list of things to practice.

...Lexi went to her first Kindergarten prep class last week.  I can't even let myself think about of how much little sister is growing up.  She aced her first day by being the line leader and leading the class down the hall of the school.

...we went to have a visit with great-grandma and the girls contributed some of their art to hang in her new room.  

...and Lexi shared her Tim Bits with grandma because Tim Bits make everyone happy, happy.
Have a happy, happy week everyone.  Don't forget to shake your pom-poms once or twice!

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