Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cabin Fever

The house is a disaster.  There is stuff everywhere.  Every surface is covered with random items like in one of those I spy books.  I spy a wet spiderman towel on the living room floor, gum wrappers all over the table, Barbie's wardrobe strewn across the room, a hairbrush and leave-in conditioner on the shelf, and a pile of movies spilling out of the TV stand.  Next to me on the couch is a CD player, a Sears catalogue, receipts glued to paper in the name of art, an open puzzle, kleenex used by someone, miscellaneous polka dot sock, and the list goes on.  Feeling defeated, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and sit down at my computer to write about it instead of cleaning in up.

Yesterday I was grouchy.  It was actually quite funny.  I knew I was grouchy and said to my family, "I'm grouchy today but I don't know why."  And the straw that broke the camels back you ask?  I opened the cupboard and the nesting bowls were not all nested together from largest to smallest.  "Someone" had just shoved a large bowl on top of the stack of bowls instead of putting it in its rightful nesting bowl order!  And this is funny because the entire house is a disaster why should a bowl out of place push me over the edge? But it did.  

My only explanation for my grouchies and freak out over the bowls is that I was suffering from a serious case of cabin fever.  Wikipedia suggests that therapy for cabin fever may be as simple as getting out and interacting with nature. But Wikipedia didn't account for the fact that it is precisely Mother Nature's shenanigans that contributed to my grouchies.  Nevertheless, I grabbed my camera and made my way outside after I stumbled over the thirty or so boots we have at our back door because that's how many boots a family of four needs of course.  

The fresh air helped.  A bit.  The smell of the barbeque triggered warm happy thoughts.  Watching Callie try to ride her bike and seeing Lexi drag the swings out of the garage gave me a fresh perspective.  They were making the best of an ugly, cold spring day.  Not worried one little bit about bowls, boots or what was for supper.  We can learn a lot from kids.  Some days you need to let the fun factor fuel your day. 

Today was a better day.  There is still way too many boots piled at the backdoor and still too much rubble all over the place but its all back in perspective.  Things will get done in their own sweet time.  Order will be made of disorder.  We had a good laugh over my nesting bowl hissy fit and now we're all calm and carrying on.  
Have a great week.

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