Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's All Good

Let's just say that we are emerging from that winter funk that has had a tight grip on us.  Or at least the grip it's had on me.  Even the snow that fell on the weekend couldn't bring me down.  It was Easter and it was time to bring on some pastel colors, cook up some good food, and celebrate with our peeps.  

Yet another year without an outdoor egg hunt, but when life gives you snow, what's a family to do?  Make snow people, go for quad rides, pull out some lawn chairs, and await the rebirth of our earth that has been lying dormant for the last six months.

This Mom, who lives in Florida, has her family ship her autumn leaves every fall, doing her best to create the aura of the four seasons for her kids in a climate that doesn't allow for it.  I think of this as I attempted to create a pseudo spring indoors with brightly colored table cloths, spring scented candles, tulips and fresh flowers, Easter baskets, and colorful art projects.  Kinda like getting the placebo in the research project...sometimes it works.

I reaped the full benefits of the indoor spring placebo effect.  Getting ready for Easter brunch with our family, the extra at home day, colored eggs, chocolate bunnies with bitten ears, happy girls and smiling faces was exactly what I had been craving.

And when my house was full of people on Sunday, everyone talking and laughing, kids running and playing, fresh coffees brewing and delicious food smells floating from the kitchen...that is when you will find me in my happy place. Life is good.  It's all good.

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