Friday, May 2, 2014

Point Form

So many small moments happen in a week.  When they happen, I write a blog post in my head and hope that I can get it down before I forget.  But life keeps moving and the next moment comes along and I didn't have time to write about the last one.  Here's my attempt at recapping a weeks worth of small moments, point form of course since it's late and I'm tired.
  • This week saw Callie change up her hat.  Her toque is still close by for the cold mornings but mostly it's been Elmo hanging out on top those curls this week.  I think I know where the Angry Birds hat from last summer is hiding but I'm preferring this look for now so I may hold off on miraculously finding the old one.  She loves hats like she loves her two hair ponies in the same spot everyday.  They provide comfort.  And with standardized test writing going on at school this week, my girl needs as many comfort and calming techniques as possible to keep her going back.

  • Lexi changes her clothes a hundred times a day.  She tries on several outfits in the morning searching for just the look she's after.  She's even been known to pull from the dirty laundry if I'm not watching. She begs her dad to do laundry so she can wear her favorite red satin shirt again...which was actually a hand me down from her big sister who hated it the one time I forced her to wear it!

  • Callie had a gymnastics meet to wrap up the end of  her first season of gym.  She loved this sport. She says the beam was her favorite but she won certificates for bars and vault. Hmmmm.... Swinging and jumping.  Sounds just like the girl I know.

  • We can't have a post without mentioning the weather.  We had a nice day this week!!!  The kind where you think, "should I wear capri pants, go barefoot, wear a skirt with no pantyhose, dig out a pair of sandals... maybe I shouldn't.  I might jinx it." Whatever happens, more time outside in the backyard is a good thing.  Even if it's just to play in the mud.

  • If we had a Starbucks and a bookstore, I would probably hang out there on Saturday nights.  But since we don't, I settled for a coffee at McDonald's and wheeling around Walmart with my girls.  We were on the lookout for a new bike for Lexi.  She is very easy to please.  Thankfully so because there was really only one bike in her size.  She was proud of her new Barbie bike that we found at Canadian Tire.  She rode it out of the store, peddling as fast as her little legs could go, only to wipe out in the parking lot and bump her mouth on the ground causing a bit of blood and A LOT of tears.

  • Callie found herself some new Lego Movie pyjamas that she just had to have.  This purchase sparked quite a grown up conversation about why she can't ever find the characters that she loves like Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen, Spiderman and now Lego Emmett in the girls section.  She thought she might write a letter to the clothes makers to find out the answer.  Any idea where to mail a letter like that?

  • Last point.  There are paint cans in the house.  Things are about to get interesting around here.  Wish me luck!  Good Night.

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