Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching Up

This post has been a long time coming.  I'm having computer issues.  It's time to upgrade my old laptop. Then I had internet problems.  Then Blogger problems.  And now I'm here to get caught up on the happenings of our little family.

First of all, little sisters nose, eyes and face are healing nicely.  What a week it has been for her.  Black and blue and nasal passages swelled up tight.  But she is such a little trooper.  Her only complaint was that she couldn't sniff.  She never even flinched at the countless times she was asked, "what happened to your face?" Sister is one tough cookie.  She never missed a beat.

After a year of dance lessons, Lexi finally had her day to shine!  Dressed in gold and twirling and leaping to some Lion King music, beat up face all but forgotten, my sweetheart made me so proud.  I admire how brave these little people are performing their moves on the big stage.

In other exciting news, the tooth fairy made her first visit to our house!  Callie's been wiggling that tooth with her tongue for a long time and on Saturday morning she just popped it out.  I catch myself looking twice at her.  That missing tooth changes her look.  She looks older.  My little girl transformed into a big kid in an instant.  I can't even describe how excited she was to go to school this week.  She was the last one in her grade one class to get to mark her name up on the tooth loss chart.  

Since this was the first time the fairy would be making an appearance at our place we had to come up with a game plan.  There are probably many cool things that fairies do on Pinterest but we went with the simple idea presented from a friend... Callie put her tooth in a glass of water by her bed.  When the fairy dives into the water to get the tooth, the water changes color.  When you wake up you can see what color your tooth fairy was.  

This seemed to be a simple enough of a tradition to start since I've heard through the parenting grapevine that as the teeth keep coming sometimes fairies forget, don't have any cash, have to pay double, and so on.  

This toothless smile was worth $8.50 and her fairy was orange.

We sure enjoyed the extra at home day this weekend.  The sun has finally made its appearance, my runners have hit the pavement outside, and I traded my water bottle for a tasty cervaza on the deck!  Oh yes!! Get ready people!  Summer is a coming!!  

Phone photo dump...

And finally, the Christmas gift that keeps giving.  The truck made its first rip around the yard on the weekend with Thelma behind the wheel and Louise as copilot!

I can see some great adventures around the yard with these wheels!  So. Much. Fun!

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