Friday, November 28, 2014

Kind, Caring and Loving

Okay, I'm going to take a moment away from all the flashing, blinking and beeping Black Friday ads that I've been receiving to show these pics from the weekend.  The beautiful sunshine and crystal, clear blue sky will give you a hint as to what the temperatures were like this week.  Callie has been waging a  seven year old protest against wearing her winter jacket this year.  I don't know why but I've decided to take the natural consequences route, for now anyway.

Today was parent-teacher conferences at school for not just one but TWO girls.  It's funny how we go into these meetings knowing that all is okay.  The report cards basically say it all....

"I love having Callie's enthusiasm in our classroom.  She is very intuitive and asks fabulous questions."  November 2014, Grade 2 

"Lexi gets along well with her classmates. I'm always looking forward to seeing Lexi's smile everyday!"  November 2014, Kindergarten

But, as Jon and I sat in little chairs at little tables in our kids second home there is still a feeling of vulnerability.  A need to be reassured once again by these people who spend so much time with our children.  Just sitting there at that little table in a classroom plastered with alphabet letters, word walls and posters, my heart is hoping that the teachers see my babies as the kind and loving and sensitive beings that snuggle up to me each night.

Yesterday I signed line number 15 on Callie's home reading log which grants her the coveted task of choosing a prize from the class treasure chest.  Tonight she showed me what she picked.  She told me about how she saw this Duck Dynasty Action Figure in the treasure chest and thought about how much her friend would love it.  But there was also a little purse that she really would have liked for her McKenna doll.  After mulling over this internal conflict in her mind she decided that she would take a chance that the purse would still be in the chest after fifteen more books.  

So we have a little, blue gift bag sitting by the door waiting to be delivered to her special friend tomorrow.

Dear Santa:
Yes, she has been an extraordinarily kind, caring and loving girl this Christmas.
Sincerely, Callie's proud momma

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