Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Not a Creature Was Stirring...

I would like to finish that with "...not even a mouse" but unfortunately that wasn't the case at our house yesterday.  Yep, there was an incident.  Without going into too much detail, (I promised Callie that I would stop talking about it) we had a little situation involving Callie, a warm, cozy boot, and a creature that was stirring.  Now I wasn't home at the time but I'm sure I heard the faint echoing of a seven year old scream as I was dropping Lexi off at dance class.   The dad took care of the the little, squeaky situation and we are now able to resume with our regularly scheduled programming...."Woo hoo!!! It's December!!

It's time for Christmas jammies.  And we watched and sang the Christmas Jammies video that went viral last year just to celebrate.  I snapped  a quick couple of pictures of the girls because it's been pretty hard to get Lexi to wear any jammies lately. Baby, no matter how cold it is outside, little sister is always a hot, sweaty mess.  

All our old favorites are back!  Charlie Brown and the gang showed up along with chocolates and treasure maps in the advent calendar. We've found the Yuletide fireplace on TV and channel 17 on the radio in the truck.  We've got plans and parties and family and friends and holiday memories to make!!  Can't hardly wait till the holiday part.  Seventeen days, and yes I'm counting them down with chocolates!

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