Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deck the Halls

I just sat down for what feels like the first time in two weeks.  So here I sit with snacks that aren't so healthy and a drink that is not lemon water and a camera roll full of pictures from the last two weeks. The tree lights are on and my feet are up on the coffee table and as as I sift through my photos it's hard to believe that there is still more good to come.

Tonight we attended our final, official holiday commitment...Callie's Christmas piano recital.  I enjoyed the evening immensely.  Yes, I really did.  I loved seeing the impressive growth from just a few months ago and of course it was all Christmas carols.  The students got to choose any Christmas song they wanted to play.  Now since I have absolutely zilch for a music background, I kinda wondered about this "choose your own tune" business because I would have assumed that some songs would be more advanced and difficult than others.  Are there not beginner carols and expert carols? So when Callie said she wanted to play Deck The Halls and her piano teacher said. "great choice" I assumed she picked a beginner carol.  But tonight, what I heard was several versions of Deck the Halls right from beginner to advanced and all were equally impressive.

Callie was so much more relaxed this time. She knew what to expect.  She has been practising for weeks.  Sister was ready to go.  When we pulled into the church parking lot full of vehicles, Callie said, "my legs are shaking !"  A bit of nerves but no where near the anxiety that was there six months ago.  After she rocked her version of Deck the Halls sister was all smiles.  When I tucked her into bed tonight I asked her what she liked best, playing the piano, playing the bells, or singing Little Drummer Boy.  She said playing the piano was her favorite.

There was a lot more singing this week including two school concerts and singing for the seniors. There were Christmas parties and visits from Santa, playdates with friends and cookies to bake.  But before I get to those, sleep is calling  my name.  I must get a good nights rest to prepare for tomorrow... the first day of Christmas vacation!

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