Monday, December 8, 2014

Not Such a Bad Little Tree

I've wanted to have a big, tall, touching the roof Christmas tree ever since we moved into this house. That's been 14 years, I think.  This year when the service group called to ask if we wanted our standing order, a seven foot Balsam Fir, Jon politely told them that we would call them back and let them know.  Neither of us called back to give the go ahead with the order.  And so this is the first year we've decided to venture into the nearby forest and choose our very own, perfect Christmas Tree.

It was late in the afternoon when we began  operation Christmas Tree search.  The sky was grey, warning us about the dump of snow that it was holding above our heads.  We drove slowly, all of us scouting the trees alongside the road for the one that we would take home.  After a couple of false alarms of thinking we found our tree but then upon closer inspection realizing it didn't make the cut we found our perfect tree, it was in the open, easy to get to, full of branches, and in a few swipes of the saw it made its way to the back of the truck.  I wished that we could bring the snow with it and that it wouldn't melt inside.  The trees were absolutely beautiful with their branches hanging low with the fallen snow.

We got our twelve foot tree home and upright in the living room and with lots of help from little tree decorators, we put every ornament we owned on this monster sized tree. Yes it touched  the roof, and yes the whole process was a lot of work.  So much so,  I'm searching realistic artificial Christmas trees as I type this!  I was a little worried at first, with it's crooked trunk and and bare bottom half after having to take some branches off so that it would fit in the tree stand, that our tree wasn't going to be a fabulous as I was hoping.

But I do have to say that it's not such a bad little tree, it's not bad at all really, it just needed our love.

Who knows what we will do for a tree next year, but this year we are pretty happy with our twelve foot monster.  And I think every ounce of effort it took to get this tree was worth it for the smiles on the girls' faces, for the memories we made for their files and for the smell of Christmas that has now filled our house!

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