Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pulling the Plug

It was minus 23 with the wind chill today.  I don't know if that constitutes March coming in like a lion or not.  But I do know that it will definitely be going out like a hot, sweaty, sunshiny lamb!

Pancakes anyone?

I went a little berserk last week after the umpteenth lecture on attitude adjusting, getting jobs done, etc. etc.   and it ended with a TV, computer, and iPad ban for the children of the house.  With so much winter to endure, these time wasters were starting to take on a life of their own.  I originally said absolutely nothing for one week, and now that the week is up I'm considering extending it to two weeks.  Not because of questionable behavior but because the house has been so peaceful without it, things are getting done, and there has been a lot more good old fashioned play time.  Technology isn't the problem per se but the problem lies in what's not happening when everyone is plugged in. 
It was time to pull the plug for a while.

The sign clearly stated, "Don't even ask", but that didn't stop them from asking. every. day.  I think they were just checking to see if the answer was still no, not that they actually wanted to watch anything.  I said no technology only for the children of the house so the the grown-ups still had full access but I can honestly tell you that hardly a laptop was flipped open or television show was watched by us either. 


But the phones were fair game.  Because they are a necessity.  Ha. Ha.  We could live without them but we don't want to!  Besides, we had to Face time Nana and Papa!
Now I gotta go. I've used up my quota of technology time for the day;)

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