Sunday, March 22, 2015


Part spring, part winter.  That's what we've got for the next few months.  A couple of weeks ago it was so warm it rained all night.  As we walked from the truck into the school in the morning Callie said, "it smells like camping, mom."  It was so fresh and spring-like, of course that was just until it froze again. 

The days have been rolling by lately. Each day being marked with regular life things... the girls activities, school work, playdates, movie nights and such. We've just been kinda waiting for the big exclamation mark at the end of the month.  Spring Break!

We've played in a few puddles, thrown a few snowballs,  emptied another can of whipping cream on top of gourmet hot chocolates, we've wrapped up another session of swimming lessons, we've signed up for the soccer season and tomorrow marks the end of the second term of school learning. 

Slowly but surely the season will shift right before our eyes.  And with a little fire pit glowing in the back yard, it really does smell like camping.

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