Saturday, June 13, 2015

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

 A few months ago, my music teacher friend posted one of those feel good, inspirational, quote cards things to her timeline...hang on, I'll go get it from her Facebook page and show you...

I said to my music teacher friend, "are you sure she's going to thank me some day?"  I say this because somewhere in the lull of the middle of the year when the "making me practice the piano" part of the thank you isn't going so well this mama can sometime wonder if its really worth it.  Then I remind myself that everything worthwhile is hard work and things are always difficult before they are easy.  And yes, there is a chance that she won't thank me someday...

But the lessons she's learning aren't just about music.  I've watched her get mad and cry when the lesson was difficult.  I've watched her walk away and then come back and try again.  I've watched what she initially found difficult become easy.  I've heard her proudly announce that she can play piano.  And I watched her confidence grow as she realized that she can do hard things.  All of that is thanks enough for this mama. 

Little sister has been watching these life lessons from the sidelines for the past two years, quietly playing with her dolls bedside the piano while Callie practices.  Her turn will come.  Until then, we get to enjoy a break from the formal piano lessons and enjoy listening to Callie play all the songs that were once difficult with great ease and confidence.
Thank you to my big girl, for all the lessons that you have taught you mama.  I love listening to you play piano.

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