Sunday, June 21, 2015

Three Birthday Wishes

I celebrated my birthday last week.  It was a big one so we had a party!  Actually, truth be told, I've been celebrating this birthday for almost a year.  It started last summer with a girl's trip to Vegas to kick off the start of a long string of 40th birthdays that were going to happen.  After that I said, "what I really want for my 40th birthday is a beach vacation.  So after our spring break trip to Mexico you would think I would be done.  But as my actual birth date got nearer and Jon asked me what I wanted to do I considered doing nothing since I already had two big birthday wishes come true.  But the thought of doing nothing just didn't sit very well with me.  After tossing around a few ideas I said, "what I really, really, really want for my 40th birthday is just to hang out with our family and friends".  

And that's what I got.

Family, friends, kids, pizza, drinks, cake, fire pit, s'mores, and lots and lots of laughs to add to the ever deepening lines around my eyes.  Forty years of laughing and smiling can be seen all over my face.  I will not complain about getting older.  Life is good. 

One of my birthday gifts was a selfie stick!  I think we all gained a few more laugh lines using this little gadget.  And once I got started, I just couldn't stop...

I could have cropped the selfie stick out of the photos but I think it is so much more "40 year old lady funny" that you can see the it in all the pictures!  And of course the kids love it too...

The question is always, "do you feel older?"
Older than
Older in general...yes.
"If you could, what age would you go back to?"
I wouldn't go back but I do think that I will stay 40 for a long time!

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