Sunday, August 30, 2015

All of August in One Post

What the heck happened to August?  We hit the holiday road in search of new landscapes and now I have a ton of photos and a months worth of stories to tell.  Here are the highlights...

Landscape #1 - Cousin Lindsey and Kyle's Wedding
Highlights: beautiful weather, beautiful bride, lots of family, party clothes, high heels, late night dancing, love in the air, lots of laughs, getting lost on the way to the ceremony but making it just in time for the "I do!"

Landscape #2 - Uncle Jake's Farmyard
Highlights: horses, horses, and girls riding horses, cousins, cousins and more cousins, country air, spectacular sunsets, family bonding, potluck suppers, late night campfires

Landscape #3 - Banff National Park
Highlights: spectacular mountain views, strict camping regulations, gondola ride, mountain tops, gift shops, ice cream after hiking Johnston's Canyon, bathing with tourists in the hot springs, Cruising Lake Minnewanka, hanging with grandma and papa

Landscape #4 - The Badlands
Highlights: warm sunshine after the cool mountain air, dinosaurs, suspension bridge, Hoo Doo climbing, race car driving, euro bungee jumping

Landscape #5 - Farmyard of my BFF
Highlights: friend love, prairie views, luscious garden veggies, kitty cats, tree swings, kids birthdays, bakery donuts. cabin days, campfire nights

Landscape #6 - Bella Farm
Highlights: wagon ride, cows grazing, quiet, peaceful, front porch sitting, wide open spaces, bubble blowing, family stories, tailgate suppers

Landscape #7 - Home Sweet Home
Highlights: dead plants, tons of laundry, 6 year old birthday party, school shopping, saying good bye to summer, late nights and lazy mornings and saying hello to Routine. 
Welcome Back always seem to sneak up on us.  

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