Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Watch Me.

The dad of the house celebrated his birthday in style.  Mother Nature pulled though with her own little birthday present.  A beauty of a day with a short intermission for some rain and a wind that sent the table umbrella flying over the roof of the house.! These perfect lake days are cherished.

The kids outdid themselves jumping off the dock!  It's such fun to watch them. As I was watching the kids and taking pictures of their tricks I was thinking about how awesome life is, And I was thinking about Nana and Papa and how their baby turned 42 years old.  I was wondering if they closed their eyes for just a second if it felt like it was just yesterday it was Jon and Mike and their cousins jumping off that dock?  Because that's how it works right?  You blink and their all grown up. So for every "Watch me, mom.  Watch me! Watch me!" that I get from my girls this summer, I will try my best to look and watch with open eyes, because I know what will happen if I blink.
Happy Birthday to my hubby!

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