Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time in the Summer

We are two weeks deep into this thing we call summer and I don't even know where to start.  You know back in the winter months when you're busy with work and school and lessons and sports and stuff and you know that there are a million little jobs you need to do around the house but there just doesn't seem to be time.  I tell myself I'll get those drawers organized, those blinds put up, those pictures put in the empty frames, those cupboards cleaned out, all those little jobs done in the summer when I have more time.  Well I can tell you that summer is here and I haven't done a single one of those little jobs with all this extra "time" on my hands!

As it turns out, we are just as busy in the summer as we are in the winter.  Busy having FUN that is! There has been no time for work.  We have only had time to ride the Ferris wheel on Main Street, go to the petting zoo, sleep in a yurt for five nights, visit with friends from out of town, visit with friends from in town, climb the scenic tower, go for bike rides, play at the park, eat campfire hot dogs, bannock and s'mores, paddle a canoe, stay up late, light sparklers, sleep in, fight off a couple of stomach bugs, go to the library, read books, go to the beach, build some sandcastles, apply sunscreen, and of course, swim a little.  

So like I said, no time for the little jobs around the house, yet.  
But there is always time for a few photos.

Enjoying summer...

The worst army worm invasion in many years has passed.  The forest fire smoke is starting to lift from the air.  The highway construction on the way to the beach is slow but it's amazing to watch the transformation as they blast away the rock cuts.  We've got holiday plans, and more books to read. More beaches to visit and more fun to be had!

Maybe there will be time next month for the little jobs.
Happy, happy, happy summer!

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