Friday, February 5, 2016


We coasted through January on our crazy carpets and slid nicely into the start of February.  I think medals should be giving out just for surviving January.  Or at the very least, a participation ribbon pinned to our shirts signifying that we officially participated in winter and now we're done.  As we sniffle and cough our way through January and rub endless lotion onto our dry, chapped skin our reward is... February! At first glance, February might not seem that different from January but when you take a closer look you will marvel in it's slightly longer days, it's focus on love and kindness, and it's packed with birthdays to celebrate!

Honestly though, I think the real medal for surviving January goes to having good friends to slide through it with...

This snow owl is going to be nine years old soon!  I love welcoming February by celebrating her.  Bring on the love.

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