Monday, February 29, 2016


Thankfully there are 29 days in February this year, giving me a chance to get a second post in this month!  What happened to February?  It disappeared as we were busy celebrating the world's newest nine year old.  Callie asked if she could forgo a big birthday bash in exchange for a trip to her favorite hotel in the city again this year for her champagne birthday.  So a small, quiet celebration at home with her sister and a couple of her BFF's is what we had.  No games.  No decorations.  "Mom, can I just have my friends over to play for a bit on my birthday and then my real party is going to the hotel?"she asked.  So that's exactly what happened...a pizza and cake playdate with friends and a trip to the city to swim for hours in the hotel pool, shop for treasures at Claire's, a new adventure to a trampoline park and Valentine's Day milkshakes at Fuddruckers.  How's that for a birthday bash!

On being nine...

You are growing braver and braver everyday.  You are trying new things.  You're doing things on your own.  You spoke about kindness at the school assembly in front of 400 students. Who is this girl, I ask?  The girl who just a few years ago would hide behind me and not respond when someone said hello.  

You like to jump around the house on your pogo stick or stomp around on your stilts.  You are a gymnast and a swimmer and a piano player.  You have accepted the fact that everything takes practice whether it be spelling, diving, or piano scales.  You know how to cook scrambled eggs and macaroni. You eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich every morning for breakfast.  You are fast at getting ready and always want to be the first for everything...bath, hair comb, and out the door.  

You love to learn about everything.  Especially reptiles.  You dream about going to the Steve Irwin zoo.  You watch old episodes of the Crocodile Hunter.  You take care of Jorge the gecko. The Little House on the Prairie books your first pick these days.  You are always making something, writing in a notebook, drawing pictures and asking questions.  You know all about common, rare, and ultra rare Shopkins.  

You only wear your hair in one style.  You only wear loose, comfortable clothes.  You always wear a hat.  You have an addiction to Vaseline.  You never leave home without it and your lips are never chapped.  You sleep with a bed full of stuffies and with your little sister.  You listen to One Direction and are always telling me to turn up Hits 1 in the truck.  

You have such a kind heart.  You are always thinking.  You are piecing together your own unique view of the world.  You don't like to hear about the world's sadness.  You always wish the best for people.  You take care of your sister when she's sick.  You make sure she gets on the school bus. You love her and she drives you crazy.  You love your dad.  You stop in to see him at work before you leave for school and you stop in to see him when you get home.  You love your mama.  You snuggle me, tell me stories, you make me laugh and smile and fill my bucket right to the top.  You are my Mae  Mae.  You are nine.

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