Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lions, Lambs and all that Jazz

March came roaring in with minus forty mornings for a week and then, just for good measure, gave us a huge dump of fresh powder.  Snow in December is magical, snow is March is basically just tolerated.  I caught Callie trying to wear her spring jacket to school the other day when it was somewhere around minus 36.  She responded with, "but mom, I'm just so tired of wearing my boots and ski pants and winter jacket."  I hear ya, sista.

But still, when life hands you snow, you gotta jump...

What else has being roaring in March you ask?  Just your regular everyday things for a family of four.  You and school and lessons and sports and hanging out.  Let me break down all the excitement for you...

1. This has to have been the the worst winter for colds, and sore throats, fevers and coughs.  Lexi always seems to get the worst of it as she fought off another case of hand and foot virus. Ugh.  
2. You can never have too many warm baths when your fighting off bugs. They offer a few minutes of relief and comfort.    

3.  It is a very rare moment to find Callie without two ponies in her hair.  She was trying out my flat iron, curious what it's like to have straight hair.  It didn't last long.  She decided she didn't like it and put her hat back on.
4. Snap Circuits on an evening when we didn't have to go anywhere.  Love those evenings.

5. Since school is where we spend much of our time, its safe to say we spend a lot of time preparing for it.  Little sister works so hard on her words and her reading.  Grade one is intense.  She gives a little fist pump when she gets all her spelling words right.
As for big sister, she's just been making her mama proud left right and center these days.  Her and her partner took on a very challenging science project for a couple of grade three students.  They decided they wanted to know if listening to Baroque music made a difference on math test scores.  They tested out their hypothesis on three different classes and found that the music only slightly improved the test scores.  Of course they wrote and presented their findings in both English and French.  And all this just because they wanted to.  Actual science fair judging doesn't start until grade 4.

6. We spent an evening at the rink for the junior hockey game.  Callie and he class sang O Canada to start the game and the hometown team came through with a win and a spot in the playoffs. 

7.  The Day of Pink is a day for bullying awareness at school.  I had ordered an official Day of Pink shirt for all of us to wear but Lexi begged not to wear it stating, "it's just not my style." So she decked herself out in her own unique pink style and we headed to school for the assembly.  In Callie's hand is the speech she read at the assembly about Random Acts of Kindness. She also agreed to read her words at the local school board meeting last week and she volunteered to be in the bullying awareness video we made to show the at the assembly and to the school board.  Like I said, proud mama freak flag waving high.

The best thing about March roaring in like a lion is the fact that it is going to go out like a lamb.  And I can guarantee that! Can hardly wait.  Baaaa!

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