Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain Delay

Our summer fun was interrupted this week.  The rain came and settled in for three days and by the third day we were all a little antsy. It was just a little too early into the summer to have such a lengthy amount of down time.  We decided to make the best of it...

It was not a cool rain.  It was hot and sticky in our rubber boots and rain jackets.  The humidity caused Callie's hair to spring up into the tightest Nellie Olson ringlets and stick to her face under the hood of her rain jacket.

And Lexi.  Well, she had a permanent crease in her brow and a constant look of terror on her face because of her intense fear of umbrellas.  With Callie jumping and frolicking around in the rain, twirling her umbrella like Mary Poppins, Lexi was constantly uuuhhhhing and pointing and backing away as she was suspicious of this tent on a stick and wanted no part of being under it.  It probably didn't help that I had the extra large, watermelon beach umbrella sheltering me from the rain as I snapped the pictures.

Even thought the rain interrupted our summer fun, I know it is necessary.  Because it's easier to see the glass as half-full... we needed the rain. 
The plants and flowers and the lilies in front of the shop got a healthy drink of water.
The forests were damped to help ward off a possible spark and as we watched the water bombers fly over our house just last week, the threat of a forest fire is always close to home.

And we got to splash in muddy puddles.


We've also been busy taking care of our beloved houseguest...Ozzy.

Ozzy's status in our house is right up there with Bieber Fever.  He is like a celebrity.  My girls just can't get enough of him. Lexi's eyes are barely open in the morning before she bellows her first OOOOzzzzzzyyyyyy of the day.

I wish I could say the feeling was mutual, but Ozzy struggles from only-child syndrome and he lives a bit of a charmed life with my parents.  He prefers to sleep till noon and sit on Papa's lap most of the day receiving scratches behind the ear.  So being thrust into our life has him often looking for refuge.

And our Ozzy, he's a runner.  If there is even a slight crack in the door...he sees his freedom flash in front of his eyes and he is off and running.  And this little running issue he has is not the most convenient in a house where an almost two-year-old Lexi can open the door.

So you know, there was an incident.  I was busy cooking supper and Lexi thought she would be helpful by opening the door and letting Ozzy outside.  The door was barely open and yet he was able to morph his body and slip through the opening to his doggie freedom.  Freedom from two girls who could probably love him to death.

What a commotion.  Lexi was yelling, "Uh-oh" and pointing out the door.  Callie was shouting, "DOG ON THE LOOSE, DOG ON THE LOOSE."  My garlic toast in the oven burnt and it set the smoke detector off.  We were the real-life Griswold's!

Armed with a Beggin' Strip, Jon went out whistling and calling out while I scrapped the toast and started over.  Callie put some treats on the back step and Ozzy just showed up.

He was an easy catch...this time.

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chris said...

Love the new design... we need to have a mini lesson on just how to do that. I have tried and tried with no success... the techie in me just has not figured it out.