Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sun Can't Shine Everyday's here for a good time.  Not a long time.  And as much as we want the sun to shine just doesn't.  The sun has been wrapped in a blanket of clouds and there was a very distinct grey cloud over my head this week and for as much as I am always able to see the up side to things, to find that cloud's silver lining, sometimes we just have to let go and feel the rain. 

I am a planner.  I usually like to think ahead.  I always pack too much...just in case.  The back of the truck is full to the top with beach toys, golf clubs, a stroller, a bike, a picnic blanket, extra jackets, sunscreen, bug spray and who knows what that I am prepared for life.  But sometimes all the planning in the world can't make for a success only journey though life and we must suffer disappointment. 

We were disappointed this week and all I can say is...I don't like it.  I will write about it, just not today because no matter how big or small your world is continues on.  And our life continued and despite the grey cloud following me around I can still see the the good things.  I can search out the positive.  I can look for the bright spots...

Bright Spot #1 - My birthday present finally showed up!!! And I can't get enough of it.  Honestly, I have no idea how to use all it's bells and whistles but I turned the dial to automatic and away I went!

Bright Spot #2 - Coffee with a friend and indoor activities due to rain... and my first chance to use my new camera!

This game is called know, like Diego does.  We never did tell them that it might be called zip-lining.
Bright Spot #3 - The forecast turned out to be wrong and a rainy day coffee and play date turned into a beautiful morning on the deck and some backyard fun.

Bright Spot #4 - Our first visit to the zoo. We can officially add farm animals to Lexi's growing list of fears...along with umbrellas and blow up pterodactyls.  The look of concern never left her face until we were safely out of the barnyard and back at the playground.

Bright Spot #5 - A picnic at the park with great friends who, like me, also have this incessant need to make the best of things.  So despite the cool temperatures and a brief run-in with some mosquitoes we had a good time eating sandwiches and pouring our coffee from the thermos. And instead of sitting on the picnic blanket, I wrapped myself up in it as we chatted and watched the kids play and explore.

"So have a good time, the sun can't shine everyday."

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Christine said...

We really do make the best of it and our kids are greatful for it! Thanks for sharing... great pics, love the new cam! Even though the sun can't shine every day it is time it made a reappearance with a little heat in it's rays, I am getting tired of making the best of it! lol