Monday, July 9, 2012

At The Beach Days

The first week of summer holidays is complete and there haven't been very many at home days.  We've had "at the dentist days," "at the hair salon days," "at friends' houses for coffee days," and of course, what would summer be without "at the beach days." 

We have resumed our positions at our favorite beach. Same beach, same friends... new memories.  The first trip to the beach is always a time for reflection because changes in the kids can not be missed when your last comparison comes from a year ago.

Hair has grown longer, there are new swim suits for taller bodies, we have improved swimming abilities, and swim diapers have been eliminated.  All these changes are evident in the foreground but lingering in the background is a solid base of friendship that supports the weight of growing personalities.  Friends of the best kind.  The kind that it doesn't matter which child goes in which vehicle.  Parental guardianship can be flipped and flopped.

We are in the middle of a heat wave.  Hot, Hot, HOT.  Sticky, sweaty hot.  The kind of hot that has you heading for water or hanging out in the freezer section at the grocery store.  I've been holding out for a rainy day to open my computer and sort through my pictures but the forecast isn't calling for one of those for quite some time.  

Camp fire s'mores.  Check.

Ouch!  The start of little sister virus that has slowed us down....just a bit.

With our long summer nights, we have a tendency to loose track of time.  Routines have been traded for long afternoon beach days and supper time naps and two girls who have hardly been in bed before midnight since or at home days began.  I like getting rid of routine for awhile.  That way maybe we'll appreciate it more when it returns.  But for now, I've got a two year old telling me it's time to get to bed.  We've got to rest up for another beach day tomorrow.

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