Saturday, July 28, 2012

Next Stop: Dinosaur Town

Let's just say I know more about dinosaurs than I ever thought I would.  I now know that reptiles that flew or swam are not actually considered dinosaurs as well as the little fact that grass didn't actually exist during the time of the dinosaurs. And we can't forget that dinosaurs legs are positioned under their body not stuck out from the sides.  Until our stop in Dinosaur Town, Ross Geller was was my favorite palaeontology teacher.

Let us begin our tour in the Cretaceous era...

We spent two days in this little town and I always get excited when my girls get to experience new things.  I could almost see their neurons firing as they soaked up all the information their brains could possibly comprehend.  And the best part... there was no test at the end.  Just fun.

It sorta feels like you're in another country when your descend down into the Drumheller Valley.  You're just driving along the highway enjoying some prairie land, checking out canola fields and then BANG... the landscape takes a drastic turn.  Surprisingly, rock climbing was on our agenda.  Our own town is built on rock but it looks nothing like this...

When we were in Cowboy Country I wanted to trade my rubber shoes for a pair of foot stompin' c'boy boots.  In Dinosaur Town I needed some sensible, sturdy hiking boots.  As we tried to climb higher up the Hoo Doos Lexi's feet kept slipping on the soft sandstone.  Callie says, "you can't ever dust the sand off this rock!"  A lesson for us all with regards to erosion...and another reason to have many, many, many pairs of shoes!

We knew Dinosaur Town was famous for it's fossils but didn't realize we'd be meeting some very alive and well reptiles.  We were very brave from the other side of the glass.

We all attended Dinosaur School but only the girls got to make the cool sun visors that magically turned them into real life palaeontologists.  Everyone learned something as the teacher took us back 65 million years.

After receiving our Academy Award for our role as best tourists in an independent film, we jumped ship from all things museum and headed to the water park.  Because with this desert-like landscape comes desert-like temperatures.  And this water park won the best location to get wet, hands down over the other in its category, the hotel pool.

I had fun with my little family in this little Dinosaur Town... doing and learning and making memories.

Callie says, "Hey, this looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King."  And the Oscar goes to...
Just one final stop on our adventure.  Stay tuned.

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Christine said...

So much fun! Great pics as always! LOVE the bridge picture of you and the girls!