Sunday, July 29, 2012

Final Stop: BFF

We wrapped up our long trip with a short visit at my favorite vacation spot.  It had been too long since our last visit.  Babies and kids grow and change so quickly that six months between visits is way too much time...and too much time for the moms as well.

After driving past hundreds of kilometres of farmland we finally got to explore those bright yellow canola fields up close.  Known for its living skies, the scenery in this province is awesome.  I love how you can see a storm coming from a mile away, inching its way across the sky until it is on top of you.  

This visit was extra special because we headed out to the cabin.  We have photo albums full of good times at this little cabin.  Most of them pre-children because those prairie storms and flooding have reeked havoc on this fine resort over the past few years.  

Its funny what time does to a place.  In our twenties we rocked this cabin with nights full of Karaoke and table games that involved the flipping of plastic cups and late night fireworks and fire-pits on the beach.  And hot days full of coconut oil, friz-stick tournaments and coolers full of a local beverage fittingly called Moose Milk.  So many vital things were celebrated at this lakefront cottage... birthdays, engagements, going aways and starting overs.

We used to watch the neighbors kids play on the beach all day and feel slightly guilty for the loud music, bad singing, and likely inappropriate language from the night before.  And now in our thirties, it is our turn.  The beach has been lost to flooding but our kids never knew it existed.  They run and play on the dock, make cabin crafts and play chutes and ladders...making their own cabin memories and adding to ours.

Fortunately, the neighbors don't believe in pay-back.
An absoulute perfect end to our family vaycay.

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