Friday, August 3, 2012


Since returning from our vacation, we quickly fell back into our summer routine... which really means going wherever the day takes us.  Where have the days taken us?

1. Celebrating "the Dad's" birthday.  
Jon is not four years old, nor is he forty... those were all the candles we could find.  We had bought a package at the store that day but they weren't in the bag when we got home.  They must have ended up with the helium balloons we bought... high up in the atmosphere after they floated out Callie's open window on the drive home.  

2.  Sidewalk painting.  
Thanks to pinterest, we mixed up some homemade sidewalk paint.  What ever did we do before pinterest?  Funny thing, our masterpiece survived barely an hour before the hard rain washed them into a blurry mess before they disappeared completely.  It reminded me of Mary Poppins.

Oh, and I had no idea if this paint would stain our clothes.  My guess was yes so I insisted on old paint shirts or the alternative... sans shirt.  Which we also do for spaghetti suppers, fyi.

3.  Great friends and Party Island.
Four moms and nine kids on a boating adventure.  All I can say is, "we rock, ladies!"

There is no better name for this place than Party Island.  If you wanted to go to party island you had to jump off the boat and swim to it.  This was old hat for some of the kids and a huge milestone for the others.  I was beyond proud of both my girls who bravely took the plunge.  

4. At the Park
The girls have declared a new favorite park.  I think because this one is beside a store.  

And because it has ponies and a saddle to full fill little sisters new love. As well, it has monkey bars that Callie has been fixed on mastering this past week.  And today...

she made it across, all the way, without a stitch of help.  So many proud mama moments this week.  

Well, we are at the half way marker of our summer days. I wonder where the rest of the days will take us?

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Christine said...

We do rock! We provide our kiddos with so many wonderful summer experiences, not to mention the fun we have as moms! I'm so grateful for our friendships!