Sunday, August 19, 2012

Final Days of Summer

With our summer holidays quickly coming to an end we had better revisit our summer to-do list just to make sure that we didn't miss anything.  We've been to the beach, we've been camping and to the park, we've had late nights and lazy jammie mornings, we've been to the library, we've read books, we've made art, we've had campfire s'mores and hotdogs, road trips and visits with friends and family...what could there possibly be left do do?

1. Quiet at home days in the back yard.  Check.

In between all our doings, we had many days to just be at home.  I love how all the toys get a good work out when we are at home.  Listening to the girls get totally absorbed in their world of play  makes me happy.  Some of their favorite games these days include going on a long trip  and baby...which is something like playing house.  Big sister is always in charge of these games, which is just the way it's supposed to be I think.  But little sister is no push over these days.  And as I watch their relationship grow as sisters I see they are the best of friends.  They are constantly looking for one another when one is out of sight and either can stand it if the other is sleeping and all they want to do is wake them up.

 But we also must keep it real,  they drive each other crazy on a regular basis.  Callie will say something like, "you don't get an ice cream" which in turn sends Lexi running to me crying, "Mom, Callie say I no get an ice cream."  They always race to be the first... and Callie always wins and no matter what one is playing with, the other wants it.  But the times that they are playing and laughing together, making their sister memories, trumps all their petty disagreements.

2. A visit to the trains.  Check.

We drive by these trains many times a day.  They are on the route to our house and everytime we pass them Callie asks when we can go there?  So we did.  And on this visit we decided to stop in at our local museum which actually looks a bit like an antique shop.  So many cool things LOOK at... aka don't touch.  That is a very hard thing to do.

3. Swimming lessons.  Check.

Callie has grown so much.  Very little encouragement is needed these days to get her in the water.  And her new trick... she jumps off the diving board like it's nobody's business.  After several years of gentle encouragement and watching the other kids take the plunge she just walked up there and jumped like she'd been doing it her whole life.  And I don't have a picture because I was caught off guard and wasn't expecting it.  And maybe because I was busy clapping and cheering and giving her a dorky thumbs up from the pool deck... doing anything I could to show how proud I was of her.

These are Lexi's first lessons... in anything.  And I was completely prepared with my supportive words of encouragement like I have used on her sister whenever she tries something new.  But as it turns out, these words were not necessary.  Maybe its the three years of watching her big sister or maybe she's just cut from a different cloth.. but little sister walked right up and jumped in the pool and never looked back.

4. Fishing.  check.

The girls picked out their very own fishing rods at the Wal-Mart store.  Diego for Callie and Buzz Lightyear for Lexi.  If you're wondering how a dad becomes such a great dad its because he has one too.  Fishing is a patient activity and even more so with two little girls.  Between twisted fishing lines, snacks all over the boat, and a little rain we managed to catch enough fish for supper.  Lexi caught her first fish on her new Buzz fishing rod. No picture though...because if you've ever taken kids fishing, you know that you really need to have arms like and octopus!

There are still a few things left on our endless list.  There are supplies to be bought to put in that new back pack.  New shoes and clothes to be picked out.  And we can't forget... someone's having a birthday soon.

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