Friday, August 24, 2012


Three years ago, at the dawn of the day, Jon and I made our way to the hospital anxious to meet our newest family member.  We did not know if you would be a little brother or a little sister for Callie but I can say now that I was hoping for you.  Since your birth was scheduled we had known for some time that today would be your birthday.  And I can't possibly think of a better way to end every summer from here on in than celebrating you.

On being three... you love to climb.  You climb so high it scares mom.  You climb and swing on anything within reach.  Our very own little monkey.

You try your best to keep up to your big sister.  You race her hoping you'll be first.  You can get your shoes on at lightning speed so that she won't leave without you.  You drink all your chocolate milk as soon as you get it at the restaurant... and then Callie shares her's with you.  

You are friendly, outgoing and you're always asking questions like "what's that mean?"  or "Why you doing that?"  You like dresses and painted finger nails.  You can color and cut and glue like it's nobody's business.  You like amimals, puzzles, and whatever Callie has in her hand.  You prefer one hair pony, but mom likes two, so you say, "okay mom."

Our rendez-vous continues but it can occur at anytime during the night..  We can hear your little feet pitter-pattering their way from your room to ours.  Sometimes I barely  reach consciousness as you climb over me to secure your place between me and your dad.  You love to snuggle and your hugs and kisses are generous.  Especially for your mom.

Your favorite book right now is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  You can take or leave TV. You let big sister choose the show because you are indifferent at this point.  You like to play almost anything... babies, dollies, Strawberry Shortcake, blocks, Playmobil, dress-up... whatever bin happens to be in the living room.  

You make us smile and laugh.  You call "watch me, watch me, take picture meeee!"  You are smart and inquisitive, beautiful and endearing, loveable and huggable.  You are three.  Happy Birthday Baby.

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Christine said...

I woke up this morning and saw a picture of the best little three year old I know marking the day on my calendar! Happy Birthday to you silly girl! We can hardly wait to celebrate with you!