Monday, August 13, 2012

August Tid-Bits

When we flipped the calendar to August, mother nature flipped the temperature switch too.  And just like that, we start to notice all the signs of fall slowing creeping up on us.  The evening sun is no longer hanging around until midnight, the early mornings are darker and cooler, the trees are speckled with yellow leaves.  And with the flip of that switch we start to gear down, mentally preparing for the things to come.  

On the one nice day last week, there was an all friends available text sent out summoning all peeps to meet at the spray pool.   Beaches, parks, pools... they are way more fun with friends.  We have great friends!

There hasn't been a real beach worthy day for a couple of weeks.  The kind where we pack for the day and need to be in the water for relief from the sun. And it doesn't look like there will be one anytime soon.  I hope August can produce at least one more as I'm not yet ready to say goodbye to the sand and the water.

Just because there hasn't been any real beach weather, that doesn't mean we haven't been... it just means it has a different feel.

The other day I was browsing on the Land's End website, checking out their back to school collection.  I called Callie over to the computer and said, "Do you want to pick out a back pack for school?"  I always admire her decisiveness.  We scrolled through the back packs once, she pointed to the one she wanted and that was it.  I held back at saying, "are you sure that's the one you want?"  Because it is me who needs to look things over, think about it for a while and reassure myself that I'm making the right choice, not her.  I want to nurture and respect her decisions, especially after I just asked her to make one.  And good Lord, its a back pack.  It's not like she's choosing a college!

The back pack arrived in the mail the other day and a slow, tight lipped smile came across Callie's face when I showed it too her.  She wore it all night, impressed with all its bells and whistles like a place for her iPod (that she doesn't have) and a pouch for her water bottle which I'm sure she will be toting all full to the top.  This prompted the question, "how many days till I start school, mom?"  We counted on the calendar and as of today, she has twenty-two sleeps.

Twenty-two days is still a big chunk of summer.  Come on sunshine.  It's time to rally.  The race has only just begun!

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