Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My girls are bound to grow into true farm girls.  On the weekend I took them to the country yet again but this time there were no horses or canola fields.  Just white fence posts, barbed wire fences, a friendly farm dog named Stanley and family... a lot more family.

And my girls had more late nights, running and playing with cousins.  Kids are awesome.  They have this level playing field where the only goal is to have fun and it doesn't matter that they have never met before and can't remember each others names.  They have no history and are not worried about the next time they will meet.  They live completely in the present.

I too met up with some cousins I haven't seen in a long while.  And between games of Bingo and Bocce Ball, campfires and gourmet meals, auctions and Olympics,  we caught up on each others happenings.

Another great weekend for the family history books.

Side Note:  I'm very tired.  Camping, country air, six hour road trip... none of this is the making for a post that can do a family reunion justice.  Sigh.  Just know I had fun.  I was so glad to see everyone.  And more inspired than my words are allowing for tonight.  Good Night.

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