Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Girl

 On Lexi's birthday we went to the only beach we hadn't been to this year.  The last time we were here we didn't have bathing suits.  This time we were better prepared.

It turned out to be a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon.  And even though my thoughts have shifted towards fall time and school and things to come, summer is still happening all around us.  The girls had beach cupcakes and did a beach dance to celebrate Lexi turning three.

And one of the best things about small town living is meeting up with our cousins at the beach, just by chance.  Family, friends, cupcakes, beach, sun, park...what more could a three year old ask for on her birthday?

Well if she's anything like her mama, she would like a well planned party with excessive attention paid to the details.  And that is definitely in the works as we await the return of many important party-goers from their summer vay-cays. Until then, a couple of store bought cupcakes and three candles will have to do.

A sneak-peek at what's to come...


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Christine said...

We loved the beach birthday and I know we will I love the Cowgirl party too! You always pay attention to those details that's why we love your parties Martha! When you quit your day job, Party Planner Extrordinaire is awaiting you!