Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outdoor Adventure

We went outdoors this weekend. And I just want to say that if winter wants to steal so much time from fall then he could at least give us some more snow to work with.  Callie did her best to take Lexi for a sled ride on the thin layer of snow that we have. 

Both girls love their one piece Toaster Suits.  There were only three colors for Callie to choose from...blue, blue or red.  I think she looks super cute in her red suit. We went on a big adventure around the yard.  We checked out World Rock and inspected all the different animal tracks in the snow and I prayed that we didn't happen upon the feet that made those tracks.

Jon helped the girls build a snow fort...actually just the first couple of rows of a snow fort, until all the snow on the deck was used up.  It will be a work in progress.  A little winter project for my construction workers.
Lexi is very much a union worker, taking her fair share of "swing" breaks.  Callie was in charge of the watering can, dad was the head bricklayer and me...I was the forewoman offering well intended suggestions to the bricklayer and taking pictures.

The girls found a new play structure. It was fun but it in no way meets any of the safety standards necessary for child's play. Callie slid off the top in slow motion and landed on the ground, unharmed, but that was enough for mom to pull the pin on this adventure.

And of course, every outdoor adventure is concluded with a warm cup of hoco choco.  That's what Lexi called it all last winter and we still call it that in our house even though she can now clearly say hot chocolate. Cheers.

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