Sunday, November 4, 2012

This & That

 None of the things I have to say today are connected in anyway.  It's like one of those mystery grab bags.  A little of this and a little of that.

1.  Today we gained back the hour we lost in the spring.  Yay.  The world now feels more balanced.

2. We've been having some unwanted playdates in the yard this week.  We were in the middle of dinner the other night and this little buddy knocked on the back door to see if anyone was coming out to play.  He didn't stick around very long but today he sent his much bigger brother over to check things out.  Lexi was brave, putting her hands against the window as if she could pet him like a little puppy.  Callie, like her mama, was not quite as brave and grabbed Lexi's hand away from the window just in case.  

3. The girls found their craft groove this weekend.  Somedays I'm a cool, "ya, go ahead girls and create," kinda mom.  I try to relax about the mess and not worry too much when they get the paint colors mixed up.  But eventually the I like things clean and organized mom comes in and ninja kicks cool, creative mom out of the way and starts recapping glitter glue and washing paint brushes. After everything is all cleaned up and the glue has dried I love finding their creations all around the house...

We looked at the Christmas decorations being put out at Wal-Mart today.  It looks like someone found some inspiration.

4. Jon's mom delivered us a bag of Jon's school work that she has been hanging onto for over 30 years!  What fun it was to look through and see his rows of neatly printed letters and to read his stories.  It makes me think about what treasures I will keep from my girls.

I smiled when I read this one.  It's like he already knew at age seven that something was going to happen to his hair...

5. Sunday morning waffle making.  Sure you can help girls.  Remember, I'm cool, laid back mom.  Of course that is until the dispute over who was going to stir began.  I finished making the waffles myself as each girl went to their respective rooms.  We love making memories.  Even if they all don't have happy endings.  The dispute was settled with some apologies and breakfast was delicious.

6. We all went skating today.  Callie was thrilled.  She said to Lexi, "you get to do whatever you want because there are no teachers."  And whatever you want includes giving rides on chairs...

Lexi is improving a little bit each time she gets out on the ice. She very sweetly says, "I skate really fast, right mom?"  And Callie seems to have mastered the all important skill of stopping before colliding full tilt into the boards. 

7.  Now I've used up the extra hour that was given today.  Backpacks are by the door.  Lunch is packed.  Eyes are heavy.  Here's to a great week.
Good Nighty.

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