Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Wrap-up

I've got a lot of pictures and not many words tonight. Simply because I'm tired.  The one problem with Halloween is that it is not a stat holiday.  In other words, this great opportunity for traditions and memory making gets crammed in between work, school, skating lessons, nightly reading and vocabulary practice.  

But guess what?  We did it! 

I love those pictures that everyone posts of their families going to a pumpkin farm to get the perfect pumpkin for carving.  You know the ones where everyone is dressed in their best puffy vest accented with a great scarf and maybe an awesome hand-knit hat.   They take these great photos of their kids meandering through rows of pumpkins, climbing on them, smiling, having a great ol'time making their autumn memories.  Ya, that would be so up my alley.  If we had anything that resembled a pumpkin patch, I would be there.  

My actual "pumpkin patch"  photo would have a clear shot of my ass in the air, hanging over one of those huge bins at the Co-op trying to reach the pumpkin that the girls are pointing at.  Ha. Ha.

We made some last minute cookies for Callie's Halloween party at school. Callie is like a crazy lady on the rolling pin.  Stuff was flying everywhere.

And of course, there were costumes. 
I would like to introduce Alvin and Brittany.
Two of the cutest chipmunks ever.

As you can see, Fall put up a pathetic fight against Winter this year and was virtually knocked out in one punch.  The trick or treating experience was brief today but Callie and Lexi were completely satisfied with their efforts.  Little sister knew exactly what to do this time around.  Her little chipmunk legs were going  as fast as they could to keep up with the big kids.

And with rosy cheeks and bags full of treats we called it a night.

Happy Halloween.

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