Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekday Morning

Our mornings have a steady rhythm.  Timing is of most importance.  For if we somehow loose the beat, the conductor of this orchestra starts waving her baton like a mad lady saying, "Let's go, Let's go.  We're gonna be late!"

I start my day with the beginning notes of Beethoven's Fur Elise playing from the alarm on Jon's phone.  That may sound pretty sophisticated but seasoned musicians like us actually refer to it as "that song from the Little Einsteins".  Next comes the first words of the day.
Jon: You up?
Me: ummhumm.

And our weekday morning begins.  

We generally wake Lexi first.  Usually because she is never in the same bed that she went to sleep in the night before.  On this particular night, Jon had fallen asleep watching TV in the living room.  Around three AM he began to stir, chilly from the lack of blankets.  When he opened his eyes he happened upon both Callie and Lexi sitting on the couch watching Treehouse!  

Jon is usually the one to wake Lexi in the morning, gently tickling her back until she reaches consciousness.  And the first words out of her mouth, "where's mom?" I can hear this from the bathroom where I'm getting ready for work.  I call out, "Mama's right here."  And then I wait for it...

"Come snuggle me, mom."

And I always do...hence the waving of the baton like a mad lady when it's time to go!  Then I always say the same thing to her, "Imagine if mommy got paid for snuggling you.  That would be the best job in the world!"

Now it's time to get big sister started for the day.  She has this clock in her room that lights up green when it's time to get up.   And on this morning, the clock had been gloriously glowing green for 33 minutes before I got there to wake her up.

We made a little family rule a while back which clearly states all children need to be dressed before the TV can be turned on.  Little sister obviously found a loop hole in the agreement.  We've been having more good mornings than stressful ones these days and I know I'm being risky in saying that as snowsuit season is being bestowed upon us literally as I type these words.

Funny little fact:  we gage how late we are by the program that is on the TV.  Hair combing takes place while Toopy and Binoo go on their brief adventure, next Manon sings her song and finally all hair ponies need to be completed by the time Octonauts begins or look out, someone's going to lose an eye from the conductor's baton!

More often than not, breakfast dishes are left on the table.  And then the Dad swoops in for his final performance of the morning...helping get girls, backpacks, lunches, and whatever toys they are insisting on taking to day care... out to the truck.  And in this picture he's looking at me because I set my baton down for a minute to take the picture...and we can all see the clock on the wall!

Finally, the standing ovation.

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