Friday, October 12, 2012

Skating and Snow

 And just like that...we are back at the rink.  When I sat down in my usual spot to watch Callie's first lesson of the year it felt like summer had never even happened.  Resume position.  Sip a hot chocolate.  Make sure Lexi doesn't fall down the stairs...oh wait, she's a whole year older and what a difference that makes.

Little sister no longer has to watch all the action from the bleachers.  She has official achieved big kid status by joining her sister on the ice... with a little help from dad of course.  Unlike Callie though, Lexi was dead set on wearing figure skates.  Callie tried to convince her that hockey skates were better.  That figure skates were boring because they were just plain white.  But her efforts were futile.  Lexi insisted that the figure skates felt better on her feet and that was that.

After watching Callie skate all last winter, Lexi was ready to get out there.  No hesitation.  No pep talk.  She just jumped in skates first.  Jon held onto her the whole time as she wobbled and waned on her Bambi legs.  
I'm not sure what was more tired at the end of the lesson, Lexi's feet or Jon's back.

Callie has an aura of confidence on the ice this year.  She excels with the familiar.  Same rink, same jersey, good friends, familiar faces... a recipe for success for my big girl.  I am one proud mama watching from behind the glass, cheering and smiling and trying not to wave my proud mama freak-flag to crazily.

And since we're back at the rink, why not a little snow to go with it.  We woke up to the white blanket earlier in the week and the girls pulled out last year's winter uniforms and tested them out.

It's Fall's turn to battle it out with winter and I always root for the underdog.  The snow had melted by the end of the day scoring a victory for Fall this time.  I hope Fall has a few more rounds left in her because we have costumes on the way and treats to collect.  If we cheer loudly maybe Fall will win us a Halloween day like last year.  

Three cheers for Fall.  Hip, Hip, Hurray.  
I can't hear you!  HIP, HIP, HURRAY!
It's your turn now... let's hear it.

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