Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dark Evenings

I did a simple Google search the other day for tips on how to take better photos indoors in the evening.  The general consensus is that "real" photographers just don't do it.  The lighting is bad, there are shadows every where and the flash washes out all the colors.  Good thing I'm not a "real" photographer because indoors, in the evenings is all we got these days.   

We have a returning house guest.

Indoors, in the evening, with a flash = great picture of windows that need to be washed.

Work took more than it's fair share of my life this week.  And a nasty migraine headache sent me to bed early two nights in a row.  But that is in the past and we're moving forward.  Last night I slept in the middle of my two girls, soaking up their love by osmosis, in a meagre attempt make up for the extra hours that work sucked up.

After many hours of scrolling through internet costume sites the girls finally decided on their perfect costumes for Halloween. Funny thing about looking for hours for the costumes of the year...they ended up going back to the first one that they saw.

Pumpkin sweater made by my grandma for my nephew, about fifteen years ago.  Callie says it still fits her.
With costumes on the way.  Cool, damp, dark evenings taking over.  And a little twinge to start shopping. We are looking forward to things to come.

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